I came across Shanti Uganda a few years ago and have been thrilled to support them by making a donation for every birth that I attend. The founder of Shanti Uganda is a doula and the organization is committed to improving maternal and infant health. Among the many things that they do, they have built a Birth House and Learning Centre, work with midwives, and they provide Birth Kits. The Shanti Uganda Birth Kits are filled with the basic supplies that are needed for a woman to have her baby with safety and health in mind. Each birth kit includes gloves, umbilical cord tie, disposable razors and other necessary supplies for birth. 

I can't think of a better way to honour the babies and mothers that I assist than by making a Birth Kit donation in their name!

Please take a look at their website http://www.shantiuganda.org/ and consider supporting them.


08/10/2016 5:18am

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Birth kits are the essentials that the mother and child needs. It surely give every birthing mother an easy access to everything. It includes clothes, diapers, documents, bottles, milks, and many more. I am so glad that when I gave birth to my first born, everything I needed are packed and ready. That is why birth kits are very important.

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