I haven't blogged in a very long time. No excuses really! So, here is the first in a few that I have saved up.

When we moved to our home in East Vancouver, my first born was 8 months old. He immediately fell in love with our neighbour F and his daughter L. She was 4 at the time and loved carrying Owen around. She would sing, dance and put on puppet shows for him. By the time he could talk and walk, he would take off next door with her. They became inseparable on weekends. When she wasn't home, he wanted to be with his other best friend- her dad F. They would hang out, eat treats and play soccer. I never knew that people who aren't family could love my son so much. As a new mother, this was such a blessing. I knew that I could count on them for help when I really needed a break, and I did need them! I learned that it is OK to ASK for and RECEIVE help. I learned that Owen's love was a blessing for them. We all benefited!

So many friends have helped us over the years: H would come over one evening a week so that Dave and I could take tango lessons, my other neighbour A would babysit more often than I can count. The list of helpers goes on and on. Now I get to help others! My neighbour A has just had her second baby and I get to spend time with her daughter- such a pleasure! I can only hope to help my neighbour like how she helped me.

Do you ask for help? What would it take for you to allow yourself to reach out?


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Moving from one house to another is part of life for some. This isn't an easy thing financially and emotionally. But this matter can be turned into a positive thing if your future neighbors are nice and friendly. Just like this story. You were lucky enough to reside with good and happy people. You obviously had their attitude, and that makes you a positive person too! Moving from one house to another isn't always sad at all!


Moving starting with one house then onto the next is a piece of life for a few. This isn't a simple thing monetarily and inwardly. Be that as it may, this matter can be transformed into a positive thing if your future neighbors are pleasant and agreeable. Much the same as this story. You were sufficiently fortunate to live with great and upbeat individuals. You clearly had their state of mind, and that makes you a constructive individual as well! Moving starting with one house then onto the next isn't generally tragic by any means!

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