My relationship with my parents changed significantly when my first son was born. We have always been close but I saw them in a new light once I became a parent. So, here are 10 of the reasons why I think that they are great parents!
1- They have always loved me unconditionally.
2- They have always believed in me and encouraged all of my interests: they encouraged my peace activism when I was a teenager (in fact they even let me fly to a peace conference in Calgary alone when I was in my early teens!), they encouraged me to travel to El Salvador and Tunisia to do community development work, etc.
3- They always made time for us.
4- They have always stepped up to the plate when I have needed help: helping me move, helping us fix up our house, buying me groceries when I needed them, etc.
5- They helped me graduate from university debt free: so many of my friends are still paying off their education years later. I am so lucky.
6- They gave me my sisters and reminded us that sisters should always be there for each other, no matter what.
7- They made us do things that we didn't always want to!: cross-country skiing, going to classical music concerts, playing musical instruments, etc. What they were really doing was making interesting family life a priority. So important!
8- They travelled with us and showed us that there is so much out there to explore and so many things to learn.
9- They love my husband and he loves them!
10- They adore my children and make them a priority. My 6-year old said to my mother today: "Nana- I love you as much as I love my mummy and daddy. That's because you are my mummy's mummy- and she loves you like I do!"