As adults, how often do we feel nurtured and supported? Do we meet many people who truly listen and who care?

I wear many hats these days: mother, birth doula, postpartum doula, prenatal mentor, and postpartum counsellor. My work involves so much listening, empathy, nurturing and love. I strive to create safe spaces for the parents that I work with and to help them tap into their inner wisdom.
A bright spark shining through my postpartum depression
Precious boy
This photo has always been a favourite of mine. When we slow down, take baths and look into our baby's eyes, special moments can occur. Owen was 2 months old when this photo was taken. At that time, I felt completely overwhelmed, exhausted, trapped, emotional, and stunned by the reality of the changes to my life. Alhough it took us a few heartwrenching years to get pregnant and stay pregnant, the reality of having a baby was still a shock. From the day that Owen was born, it seemed that he had needs that I could hardly fathom. During my dark days and nights, I felt that I would never be able to be enough and do enough for him. His energy and intense feelings were there from the beginning. On our good days, we had moments like the one that you can see in this picture when it seemed that he could see into my soul and when I could almost feel an electrical current connecting us. This is what helped me to keep going during the hard times of my postpartum depression...